Members: festivals have too many signs do not recommend legislation to set charity day

Li Shenming and many other members opposed the establishment of charity day
The Seventeenth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People 's Congress was divided into the Charity Law (Draft), and many members opposed the establishment of charity days. Visual map of China "now through legislation to establish the anniversary and the relevant festivals, there have been too many signs of excessive, can not move to establish the anniversary or holiday." October 31 afternoon, the Twelfth National People's Congress Standing Committee tenth Seven meetings to consider the "charity law (draft)", Li Shenming and many other members opposed the establishment of charity day. Article 7 of the draft stipulates that every year on March 5 is "China Charity Day". Li Shenming members believe that March 5 is deeply rooted in the study of Lei Feng, in terms of connotation to the extension, Lei Feng spirit is much higher than the charity culture, socialism charity with Chinese characteristics from a certain sense is only a kind of spirit of Lei Feng reflect. "If the March 5 as a charity day, it is possible to dilute the study of Lei Fengri." Chen Guangguo members also believe that the annual March 5 set to "China Charity Day" need to study. He said that the first to consider the establishment of the festival is necessary, the second to consider whether March 5 is appropriate. Now the festival set up too much, many people are not clear, meaning little. If it is necessary to set up the festival, March 5 is not the most appropriate day. Chen Guangguo members said that on March 5 this day is the festival, the day together, the first is the National People's Congress opening day, followed by learning Lei Feng, or the Chinese youth volunteer service day. "If you have to set up, it is recommended to choose another day, such as whether to consider the first Sunday of a month as a charity day, neither affecting the work, but also to charitable organizations and volunteers to carry out charitable activities." Fan Xu Li Tai Also think that too many festivals, easy to forget, if you want to promote charity, then there are many other ways, the most important thing is to establish the credibility of charitable organizations. Yuan Si members use the "draft" thirty-fifth to deny the establishment of charity day. The article provides that: carry out fund-raising activities, not assessed or disguised assessment, shall not hinder the public order, production and people's lives. "The March 5 as a charity day is disguised to hinder public order and people's lives." Li Shiming members also suggested that in the appropriate time to clean up the statutory anniversary or festivals. "The establishment of the establishment of the abolition of the abolition of the total can not 'three hundred thirty - five a year to commemorate the festivals every day'.

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