IKEA "to stop the case" refused to recall in China: standard or design flaws?

Will not recall the same product in China
Recently, the "MALM MALM" series of bedside cabinets and cabinets due to dumping and caused six children died in the North American region was recalled by IKEA, but the series of products are still in the China normal sales. IKEA clear statement, due to meet the Chinese standards, will not recall the same products in China. "Watch the case" incident, IKEA companies with the same series of products in different countries operating differences, triggering many questions of domestic consumers. IKEA North America recall in the end because "the standard is different" or from the "design flaws"? Is it suspected of discriminating against the Chinese market? Furniture GB has a "loophole" or not? Chinese consumers how to defend their rights? According to the dispute in North America, the recall is due to "standard" or "deadly" for the "Malm MALM" series of products recall, IKEA gives the explanation are stressed that the product is only based on the North American standard recall, and in other regions meet the standard. It is reported that the US industry-specific requirements: (cabinet) is not fixed on the wall must also be dumped. Although not mandatory, but in the industry standard is clearly defined. The same as to prevent the dumping of furniture, China's children's furniture mandatory national standard "general requirements for children's furniture," requirements, in order to prevent some of the cabinet products in use dumping, causing damage to children, requiring all high table height and more than 600mm cabinet Class products, should provide a fixed product on the building of the connection, and in the use of instructions to express the use of installation methods. In contrast, the US industry standard, although not mandatory, but clearly put forward the "fixed can not dump"; and China's national standard requires the provision of fixed connectors and installation instructions. "Product recall or not, depending on the different laws and regulations of various countries," People's University of China Institute of Commercial Law, Liu Junhai, director of the new network reporter (WeChat public: cns2012) said that in this incident, China's current legal provisions and industry Standards do not exist the so-called "loopholes." Even if there is no mandatory standards, enterprises out of the safety of Chinese consumers should also be timely security obligations. For the so-called "standard said," the basis for the recall, there are users that "the recall is because it does not meet the standards, or because of design defects lead to security risks", if the latter is not involved in the national standard differences. If the design defects caused by the "deadly", recall the product is also a corporate responsibility and moral manifestations. Data map. According to the ASTM standards used in the North American region, IKEA drawer cabinets meet the EU and all other The state of the product of the mandatory standards. For this reason, IKEA China Public Relations Manager Xu Lide responded to the media questioned that, for the "Malm MALM" series of products, IKEA in other countries have not started recall, including China, so there is no discrimination. "Similar to the United States drawer cabinet" deadly "case in China did not appear on the recall of the United States, not necessarily recalled to China," China Furniture Association Zhu Changling, said in an interview with the media, the geographical situation is different, different standards Cabinet safety requirements must be fixed on the wall, to achieve this point to meet the standards, let alone the issue of discrimination. However, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the 3rd evening joint news that has been on the "North American dead drawer cabinet" incident interviewed IKEA (China) Investment Co., Ltd., asked IKEA to fulfill Enterprise quality and safety of the main responsibility, careful investigation of product safety risks, to ensure that consumers personal and property safety. Shanghai quality inspection department said it would further verify the situation, urging IKEA companies to strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations and relevant standards, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese consumers. In the IKEA China official website, "Malm" series drawer cabinet is still in sale. Experts on the rights and interests of the experts: China's industrial and commercial quality inspection departments can play a role It is worth noting that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) intervention is to promote IKEA in North America recalled "life insurance cabinet" a key factor. June 30, IKEA China released the announcement revealed that "in the Malm drawer cabinet dumping another tragedy occurred in the United States, the IKEA launched a US consumer product safety committee with the discussion, one of the results is in North America Product recall. "Many consumers are curious, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the end is what kind of institutions? It is understood that CPSC's primary responsibility is to develop standards and regulations for the safety of consumer products and to monitor them. CPSC manages more than 1,500 products, mainly household appliances, children's toys, fireworks and other consumer goods for the home, sports, entertainment and schools. The rules are to collect product safety data, to inform the customer of the product's risk and reduce the risk of the way. Is there a similar institution in China? Liu Junhai told reporters that the domestic similar institutions are very many, industrial and commercial administration, quality and technical supervision departments and the Chinese Consumers Association and so can play such a role, "just for the handling of such incidents, regulators generally more cautious, In fact, courage can be a little bigger, and actively create a private enterprise and multinational companies fair competition in the business environment. " In fact, the children's furniture security problems frequently see the newspaper, and even become the quality of the "hardest hit".... In March this year, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued a "national key industrial product quality supervision directory (2016 edition)" shows that every year from the industrial and commercial, General Administration of Quality Supervision announced the failure of household products, wood furniture, children's furniture, bed The same category can be described as half of the country, is worthy of the name "hardest hit". Almost in the "watch the case" incident at the same time, IKEA another Patrull (Patrull) security door products were also recalled, and has been shelved in China. According to the British "Guardian" reported that due to the Patra series of security doors of the accident, there are already six children in the hospital for treatment. There are friends will be children's furniture security incidents of multiple, due to punishment is not enough. Called "deep sea floating sand," the netizen said, "foreign recall is afraid of can not afford, the domestic non-recall is not lost." In Liu Junhai view, in addition to laws and regulations, whether the enterprise product recall, but also need to consider the class action system and punitive damages system. If the cost of dishonesty is less than the loss of income, it is difficult to encourage enterprises to take the initiative to recall operations, most of the time are passive waiting. Liu Junhai suggested: First, multinational companies to be grateful to the Chinese consumers; the second is to recommend industry associations to strengthen self-discipline and self-improvement; third is to encourage consumers to establish a sense of security, do not blindly believe that big brands, foreign brands; A letter of credit for enterprises to a unified credit sanctions, the establishment of blacklist system.

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