"Frostbolt" landing! Long March 5 arrived in Hainan Wenchang launch site (Figure)

Long March 5 rocket will be by China Wenchang space launch site through road transport
From the National Defense Bureau, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, today, China's largest thrust carrier rocket Long March 5, has been safely shipped to Hainan Wenchang Qinglan Port, followed by the Long March 5 rocket in the completion of a series of assembly and testing work will be In November this year, selected aircraft in China Wenchang space launch site for the first launch mission. 1 Why is it called "Frostbolt"? Obviously the rocket, why would there be "Frostbolt" the name of it? This is because the Long March 5 rocket special propellant combination. The core of the Long March 5, that is, the main part of the middle, the engine uses liquid hydrogen liquid oxygen fuel, and booster with liquid oxygen kerosene combination, because the liquid hydrogen temperature is - ℃, liquid oxygen - ℃, that is, Long March 5 is much lower than the freezing point of the ultra-low temperature, so called "Frostbolt". Of course, after the ignition, the Long March 5 engine sprint temperature is still high, as it is inside and outside the "冰火两重天" extreme state, but also a great test of China's space technology. 2 rocket: what is the Long March 5? Long March 5 launch vehicle, is the largest propulsion launch vehicle developed so far in China, so before are referred to as "big rocket." Its core level, that is, the middle of the main part of the diameter of 5 meters, and tied with four 3.35 meters diameter booster, China's rocket core level is 3.35 meters in diameter, the Long March is 2.25 meters in diameter. Its low orbit (LEO, generally used for manned space, low-altitude communications satellites, remote sensing satellites, etc.) carrying capacity can reach 25 tons, high orbit (GTO, generally used for meteorological satellites, deep space detectors, etc.) Carrying capacity to reach 14 tons, will greatly enhance the capacity of China's space into space. 3 decryption: Long March 5 is how to Hainan? Most of our previous rockets are relying on railways to complete the transport, but the general culvert tunnel through the limit requirements, the rocket diameter can not exceed 3.35 meters, so 5 meters diameter of the Long March 5 can not take the land, shipping has become an inevitable choice. Long March 5 on August 26 from the Tianjin Port sailing, after 6 day and night sailing, withstood the complex sea conditions of environmental testing, safe arrival in Hainan Wenchang Qinglan port. 4 first flight: Long March 5 to prepare more than 2 months According to the arrangement, after the completion of the ship, the Long March 5 rocket will be by China Wenchang space launch site through road transport, sub-delivery to the launch site area. From now until more than two months of launch, the Long March V launch vehicle will be in the launch site area to carry out a series of assembly and testing work. According to the plan, the Long March 5 rocket will be completed in early October sub-system testing and matching test, in late October vertical transfer to the launch area, the implementation of the launch in November. (CCTV reporter Li Ning Li Ha Zhongliang often even super-Xu Jing)

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