Three Gorges three-tune discharge power to help the East Star rescue

Three Gorges hub has achieved the requirements of the Yangtze River anti-total requirements of 8,000 cubic meters per second discharge flow adjustment target

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Han Jeju crackdown on illegal Chinese billboards local people questioned Han card too little

Jeju to rectify the Chinese identity card also has a helpless side

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German amateur archaeologists were illegally collected Egyptian pyramid samples were sentenced

Three German citizens and six Egyptian guides were sentenced to five years in Egypt

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Government Tim Chai "public record space" place intensive layout business incubator

The above-mentioned "opinions" are for new incubators, including entrepreneurial coffee

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Pension plan: civil servants need to pay 8% of wages to pay old age insurance

Decision on the Reform of Endowment Insurance System for Staff and Workers in Institutions and Institutions

Woman crying and laying notice: two firefighters brother are lost

This is Wang Yaru to find her two brothers - lost fireman Wang Shengmin, Wang Shengpeng the fourth day

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Premier Li Keqiang to visit the first to participate in the rescue of the injured fighters

Premier Li Keqiang came to Tianjin TEDA Hospital to visit the fire in the 8.12 explosion accident and the general injured people

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The content of inorganic nitrogen in the waters near east of Dongjiang Port of Tianjin Port increased

The State Oceanic Administration Bureau of the North Sea and the Tianjin Maritime Bureau in the coastal explosion near the scene of the main port of Tianjin Port and Tianjin Port East Coast to carry out the emergency sampling and on-site monitoring and monitoring

India seeks to join forces with Russia to build submarines and stealth warships

According to the Indian "Economic Times" reported

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I 093G nuclear submarine threatened large warships can be installed on the land cruise missiles

The picture shows the 093G nuclear submarine installed with a vertical launch system

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National People 's Self - enrollment test "Harbin shooting case" Peking University test Guo Mei Mei

A total of more than 1,900 candidates to participate in Peking University Autonomous Entrance Examination

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Japan's first to participate in the US-Australian military exercise "wins the island" training or against China

The Japanese land self-defense forces in the United States and Australia during the day to participate in the exercise of the military conducted a hypothetical attempt to recapture the enemy from the hands of the landing operations joint training

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Japan and the United States held a "Dawn Blitzkrieg" joint outlying island defense training (Figure)

US forces and the Japanese land, sea and air self-defense forces recently to the media to show the United States in California, California, to improve the ability to defend the joint training

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Korean media: the United States and South Korea if the deployment of anti-terrorism to the Sino-Russian VS US-Japan new cold war

The United States did not have any formal or informal discussions on the deployment of Sade in Korea

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Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei polluted two years to invest 14 billion to raise the sewage charges

Gradually unified discharge standards to jointly improve the sewage charges future Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution control joint defense will be achieved

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Ningbo Mayor Lu Ziyue before the two sessions were taken away to the Xixiang Liang bribery

Zhejiang Province, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, the mayor Lu Ziyue suspected of serious violations of the organization to accept the investigation

Ningbo Mayor Lu Ziyue suspected of serious discipline was removed from office

Is now in accordance with the procedures for processing

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Deputy Mayor Yang Delin of Sichuan Deyang was arrested on suspicion of bribery

According to the law on suspicion of bribery to Deyang City, the former Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Yang Enlin (deputy department level) decided to arrest

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